About Us

Aero Tech Parts was born from the idea of bringing together the experience of its partners in different sectors of aviation, to provide quality services, based on many years of combined experience in the aeronautical industry.

As a global company dedicated to the maintenance and repair of ultralight aircrafts, Aero Tech Parts offers maintenance and repair services as well as sales and support for all aircraft and helicopter parts, components, accessories, tools, chemicals, and more. Our highly qualified professionals are here to assist you with secure, prompt, and economical logistic and technical support.

Aero Tech Parts conquered several customers around the world, offering the best services, with agility and safety, accomplished by professionals highly qualified.

Our responsibility of knowing your company and their close business. We work to our customers for assure-millstones that our services are perfectly fit in to the real needs of your company. We are committed with their needs and with your success!

Our company specializes in the sales and repairs of all types of aviation parts, as well as supply of expendable and consumable class materials for commercial, regional jets and helicopters. The parts we offer can be: factory new, new surplus, or overhauled serviceable.

We are available 24/7 and fully committed to exceeding your expectations. Evidence of that can be the partnerships we have fostered with leading aviation companies throughout the globe.

Our extensive experience gained over the years assure that our customers receive products and services of industry leading quality.

The goal that we strive for is to be "The Supplier of First Choice" for our customers.

Aero Tech Parts is aircraft parts supplier in Turkey. Commercial and private aircraft. Aero Tech Parts Aviation has exceeded the expectation of its customers in terms of quality, services and the products it supplies. An important difference distinguishing " Aero Tech Parts “from others are the innovative way of spare parts sourcing, provisioning and primary focus on quality products supplied to the customer. Industry focused on providing the end customer or passenger a safe journey with an affordable price. Our focus at Aero Tech Parts is to assist in providing those airlines /carriers the highest quality product for a reasonable cost in a short period of time. So how can we assist you? We invite you to surf and view our website to learn more about our services, products and our quality standard that we have to offer. SO GIVE US OPPORTUNITIES TO ASSIST YOU We invite you to surf and view our website to learn more about our services, products and our quality standard that we have to offer.