Other Services

We operate sales offices and provide a highly responsive support network with asset availability & consignments, which allows us to save time and offer competitive prices.

It is the policy of Aero Tech Parts to supply only those aeronautical products to our customers that can be objectively traced to acceptable certifications of conformity to approved design data. In order to implement this policy Aero Tech Parts has established and maintains an effective product control system, as contained within our product control systems manual, which was planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions within our company.

Means are provided throughout our products control systems to ensure prompt detection of discrepancies and for timely and effective corrective action in all areas affecting aeronautical product integrity.

All parts sold by Aero Tech Parts will be shipped with our certification.

Certification and Traceability

Packing slips clearly state the condition of the material purchased, as well as our in-house Batch tracking number. Manufacturer Form1/8130-3 forms (or equivalent) are supplied as are available for Factory New Products. Rotable items are supplied with approved shop Form1/8130-3 forms (or equivalent) as are available. Our Company C of C is also on the packing slip. A Company approved inspector signs the C of C after all parts and trace source paperwork has been inspected and conformity to the requirements of the Customer's Purchase Order is verified.

Procurement Control (Aeronautical)

Records pertaining to the purchase/acquisition, material certification and test/work reports are maintained on file for a period of no less than two (2) years. Aero Tech Parts maintains an approved vendor database.

Receiving Inspection

All incoming shipments are inspected for conformity to the requirements as listed on the Aero Tech Parts Purchase Order. Purchase Orders are used for all Aeronautical product procurement. Inspected items are properly segregated from items awaiting inspection. Age controlled/shelf life-limited items are clearly identified and labeled. Any items rejected are immediately placed into a Quarantine Area of our Bonded Stores.
Material Storage and Handling Area(s)

Access to Aero Tech Parts ‘stock room(s) is restricted to authorize personnel only.

Quality Service a Priority

We aim to ensure that we deliver not only high quality spares but a personal & efficient service for your requirements, and we strive to deliver our service with a cost effective approach. This can be achieved as in many cases, we can offer savings against OEM prices, again passing on the benefits to the customer.

Our Capabilities Include

Stock Consignment Programs –  With warehouse space designated for this service Aero Tech Parts has the capability to manage your spares inventory. The entire consignment process from warehousing & storage through to sales & dispatch can all be taken care of.

Procurement & Spares sourcing – With extensive knowledge gained from trading in the aftermarket, we can offer a brokering service for non-stock items. This allows us to become your single point of contact and will benefit your organisation’s supply chain, saving valuable time & costs. Procurement & Sourcing for organisations is a growing part of our company portfolio.

Maintenance & Repair Management – through working closely with Approved repair organisations around the world & with a large rotable pool ourselves, we can offer complete management of your rotable items.

Purchase of Your Surplus Inventory – If you have an Inventory of spare parts that you wish to dispose of, contact us at Aero Tech Parts, as we are always interested in purchasing inventories of spares allowing you to realise your assets.
If you feel any of the above services we offer would benefit your organisation, please get in touch & we will be happy to provide further information

Sell your inventory:

Turning Surplus Assets into Cash

Are you an airline or MRO with excess inventory?  Then why not take advantage of our partner stock program!  We will advertise, quote and sell the inventory on your behalf, directly from your warehouse - meaning you stay in control and keep full access for your own requirements.

With no contracts to sign, this is the easiest and quickest way to generate revenue from your inventory – contact us to find out more.

We also purchase high quality inventories, either outright or on consignment, please email us with your listing for an offer.

Immediate reaction to your request
Technical support 24/7
Financial loyalty program

Parts Inventory
Repairs components and consumables
Outright Sales

Parts Support Programs
Automatic inventory program
We are working in cooperation with FAA/EASA certificated MROs
Warranty exchange

Logistics offers
AOG delivery
Aircraft engine, APU, LG, Wheels and brakes logistics
Export and import customs clearance

Packaging and Shipping
Procedures/training practices are in place to ensure that shipments are properly protected against damages that could occur in-transit. All items preparing to ship are inspected, as in the packaging choice (inclusive of filler materials).

What We Can Offer:
* Pace carefully inspects each part for required certification, condition etc. All parts are inventoried.
* There are no upfront costs except freight charges.
* Pace staff price the parts to be competitive on the market.